Cloud Strife:

Level 1

1. BRAVER: Cloud performs a leaping chop that splits a single enemy in two. Unless you're facing a really strong enemy that isn't a boss, this is usually your best Level 1 Limit Break. The attack is stronger than the Cross-Slash, so it usually kills weaker enemies.
2. CROSS-SLASH: With several powerful slashes, Cloud causes massive damage to a single opponent. If the enemy survives the attack, there is a chance that it may cause paralysis. It can't paralyze enemies who are normally immune to paralysis, like most bosses.

Level 2

1. BLADE BEAM: Waves of energy rush from cloud's sword and collide with a single enemy. The remaining energy then splits into smaller, weaker waves, hitting any remaining enemies. This attack is great against a large group of weaker enemies. Always target the strongest enemy in the group, because the initial wave causes about three times as much damage as the smaller secondary waves.


Level 3


Level 4